Sales and Marketing

Look to Sabre® for assistance with your sales and marketing needs. Our GDS Media suite allows you to highlight your content at travel agents' point of sale while the agents shop and book their customers' travel itineraries. Our unique targeting capabilities ensure that your message is displayed to the agents that are most likely to book your offer for their clients.

Our GDS Media suite includes the following sales and marketing options: 

Sabre PromoSpots

Sabre® PromoSpots is a target marketing tool that enables travel suppliers to reach customers with relevant marketing information at the point of decision. When Sabre ConnectedSM agents are shopping and booking travel for clients, PromoSpots marketing information can be delivered to their availability screens based on relevant transaction data such as travel origination and destination. The messages will change based on agency criteria and the availability screen requested.
Sabre PromoSpots is also available in a graphical format on Sabre Red Workspace providing a customised message and better interactive experience with the agent.

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