Travellers worldwide rely on TripCase™ to monitor trips, anticipate travel needs and provide information. The mobile application enhances the traveller experience. TripCase does this by delivering personalised and relevant advice, messages, alerts and tools right to a traveller's smartphone. Travellers can also manage and access their trip details, such as confirmation and contact numbers.

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Pricing and Special Offers

TripCase is a free mobile application for agencies and travellers. Additional power and enhanced capabilities are available via TripCase PRO. See for more details.

Key Benefits

  • TripCase has a traveller's back on the road. TripCase monitors trips from beginning to end, anticipating travel needs. It alerts travellers to potential pitfalls and provides answers and solutions whenever and wherever needed.
  • TripCase tools make travel easier. Our tools provide everything travellers could need while on the road. This includes currency converters, driving directions, alternate flights and expense reporting tools.
  • TripCase keeps travellers connected. Travellers can share trip information with designated friends, family and co-workers through TripCase. And with the TripCase Message Tool, agencies can follow customers, stay engaged and send relevant and timely messages.


  • Intelligent messaging: Travel advisories and updates are sent based on itinerary changes and where travellers are in a trip. For example, hours before a flight a message can alert the traveller of available parking spots at their home airport. Or, upon landing they may receive a message advising them of baggage claim information.
  • Free flight alerts: Travellers are notified immediately of flight delays, cancellations and gate changes. Travellers do not need to be in the app to receive these critical messages.
  • Alternative flights for free: Search alternative flights for same day travel on a traveller's scheduled carrier, including seat availability.
  • Import itinerary information: Automatically push itineraries via Sabre® Virtually There® or manually enter the six-letter reservation number. Travellers may also email any type of confirmation message to for upload into TripCase.
  • Trip sharing: Invite friends, family or co-workers to follow a trip via TripCase. Share trip information with trusted people via social networks.
  • Driving Directions: TripCase anticipates a traveller's driving needs and automatically maps an itinerary. No other solution provides this.
  • Rental car and hotel information: View destination-specific information on rental cars and hotels. Pictures, amenity listing, address, telephone number and more are available. Confirmation numbers can be added and reminders are sent directly to travellers.

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