Sms4Travel (Available for Greece, Spain, Sweden and France)allows travel agencies to contact their customers via SMS; it lets them send itineraries, reminders about flights, hotels or rental cars and personalised promotional messages via SMS directly from the Sabre GDS.  

Some examples? Travel agents can program the system to automatically send flight details four hours before boarding, hotel information on the check-in day or where to pick up the rental car. They can also inform customers quickly of any changes in itinerary. Agencies can also personalise messages with their own name, so that these are immediately recognisable to customers.

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Pricing and Special Offers

Activation cost (including personalisation of the telephone number) + monthly billing based on the number of SMS sent.

Key Benefits

  • Information is always at hand: customers always have direct access to their flight information via their cell phones and no longer have to carry any paper documentation with them.
  • Real-time assistance: the SMS service allows agencies to remain in constant contact with travellers, thus ensuring personalised assistance is available at any time. Customers do not need Internet access for any of these services.
  • Developing customer loyalty: the option of sending personalised messages-including those unrelated to specific itineraries-facilitates the promotion of new products and services and offers new business opportunities.


The service is easy to use: to send an SMS to a customer, all you need to do is enter the encoded information in the Sabre PNR. Once the activation request is complete, Sabre will program the activity based on the request and add a note to the PNR.

Depending on the type of message you want to send, there are three options available:

  • Send itinerary (full or partial).
  • Send a reminder with flight, hotel or rental car information.
  • Send a customised message to one or more cell phones, for example greeting messages or promotional offers. The text of the message can be added to an existing itinerary or sent separately.

It is also possible to personalise the sender telephone number by replacing it with the name of the agency - in this way it is immediately recognisable to the customer.

Furthermore, accurate reports on sent SMS are available in the Operatori Locali Reports area.

Additional Information


The Agency eServices site offers a number of training and online support tools, including:

  • Format Finder
  • Manuals and Quick Reference Guides       

More information on training courses may be requested from the following address:

Technical Requirements

In order to use Sms4Travel you need access to Sabre® RedTMWorkspace, including the Sabre Scribe function.

Access and Availability

Sms4Travel is available to all Sabre agencies directly within the Sabre system.


Sms4Travel lets you send messages in the following languages and is available in the following European countries:







German Germany







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