Sabre Scribe

Allows travel agencies to automate and customise Sabre® system processes through the development and use of pre-defined sets of instructions.

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Key Benefits

  • Improves productivity with consistent, error-free input
  • Reduces training time
  • Provides flexibility with the ability to self-tailor functions


Sabre® Scribe makes the Sabre system easier to use with a series of simplified prompts and menu selections that eliminate the need for formats. Provided free of charge with your Sabre point of sale solution, Sabre Scribe streamlines your reservations process and simplifies many administration tasks. Consistent and error-free input ensures increased agent productivity and improved customer service.

The suite of ready-made scripts includes functions for:

  • Accounting Lines
  • Currency exchange
  • Daily messages
  • Electronic Travel Advisory System (ETAS)
  • Employee Profile Records (EPR)
  • Hotel sell
  • Itinerary remarks
  • Limousines
  • OSI/SSR messages
  • Sabre Atlas
  • Special meals
  • Star build
  • Ticket exchange
  • Ticket numbers
  • Travel Advisory
  • Weather

Sabre Scribe design software also enables you to develop your own scripts, or you can you tailor any of the ready-made Sabre Scribe items to meet your individual needs.

Technical Requirements

Sabre Scribe is provided with Sabre Red Workspace.

Access and Availability

Agents can access Sabre Scribe from their Sabre point of sale solution by pressing Control and A keys simultaneously.

Where Available

Sabre Scribe is available worldwide in English.

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