Sabre Red Workspace

The Sabre® RedTMWorkspace is an easy-to-use agent booking platform. Our intelligent workspace delivers all relevant content within your workflow. From the world's largest travel marketplace, the Sabre® GDS, to advanced booking capabilities and application integration - the Red Workspace is a one-stop shop. And it generates additional revenue and new sales opportunities through interactive offers.

Agencies benefit from greater performance, experience and control with the Red Workspace. Faster start up times and greater stability allow agents to get to work faster and serve more travelers. The intuitive user interface provides an improved interaction. And administrative controls let configurations and updates be managed down to a user level.

Do more in less time with the graphical view option. Agents will discover fewer keystrokes, faster training and better service. Work more efficiently. Shop and price faster. Simplify comparisons, including ancillaries through our Air Extras. And have the option to switch between the graphical view and classic view, where agents can still use familiar formats.

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Pricing and Special Offers

The Red Workspace is available at no addition cost to Sabre ConnectedSM agents. Added features may require additional fees or subscriptions; however, many are available at no cost.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline booking process with fast, reliable technology and integrated content
  • Reduce training time for new Sabre agents with the graphical view
  • Boost sales skills with relevant content delivered at the right time
  • Generate new revenue opportunities through interactive offers
  • Access content you need conveniently to shop and book, including Air Extras
  • Enhance productivity through immediate access to agent tools
  • Automate quality control and post-booking processes
  • Email travel options during shopping process


  • Quick access to all of your travel info sources, including the Sabre GDS, in one place
  • Customizable workspace to best fit the needs of each user
  • Graphical view for booking air, car and hotel using a fully-graphical, keyboard-drive workflow
  • Automated alerts for better sales opportunities, Unused eTickets, etc.
  • Intelligently integrated booking tools with deeper/localized content
  • Configurable administration tool

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