Sabre Red App Centre

Sabre Red App Centre

Only Sabre Travel Network® offers endless ways to configure an agency's workspace. And their needs can be tailored specifically with Sabre® RedApps available through the Sabre® RedApp Centre. The Red App Centre brings travel buyers and developers together to create the premier b2b travel app marketplace.

Agencies access the Red App Centre to search for a wide range of applications. Here they can find and purchase a Red App that best meets their needs. The Red App can then be quickly deployed down to individual users. The result? A truly flexible agency ready to serve its customers' needs.

Both third-party developers and an agency with its own development group can build Red Apps. Create an app that interacts with both our classic and graphical views of the Red Workspace. Access data from Sabre®  or other relevant external sources. And your app can even communicate with other apps in the Red Workspace. The possibilities are endless.

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Pricing and Special Offers

The Red Workspace is available at no addition cost to Sabre Connectedsm agents. Added features may require additional fees or subscriptions; however, many are available at no cost.

Key Benefits

Benefits for agencies and travel buyers :

  •  Configure your workflow to exact agency needs
  •  Discover new capabilities not otherwise offered by Sabre Travel Network
  •  Seamlessly integrate apps within your workspace
  •  Access the collective intelligence of Red App developers from around the world

Benefits for developers:

  •  Reach a global marketplace through travel's most trusted leader
  •  Set your own price for your Red Apps
  •  Host and market your Red Apps without any additional fees
  •  Track Red Apps' performance with reporting and analytics


  • Broad range of Red Apps provided by Sabre and an ever-expanding list of Sabre® Certified Red App Providers
  • Need-based shopping opportunities to provide agencies with apps to solve their needs
  • Administrative control to distribute purchased apps to specific agents
  • Detailed reporting features and toolkit for developers

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