Hotel Rate Assured

The Hotel Rate Assured™ hotel certification programme provides you with assurance that you have access to the lowest publicly available rates through the Sabre® GDS. Look for the “*” in the HOT availability display. Properties with the “*” symbol are certified as hotels that are providing their best publicly available unrestricted rates that they also would make available through direct and third-party internet sites.

Other GDSs may offer similar hotel rate certification programmes, but only Hotel Rate Assured delivers ongoing monitoring to ensure that the lowest publicly available rates offered online are also available within the Sabre system. Using industry leading rate canvassing technology provided by Rubicon, Sabre measures properties’ rates in the GDS and can compare them with rates offered on up to 235 sites around the world.

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Key Benefits

  • Eliminates the need to search the web to confirm the rates found in the Sabre system are the same rates offered on the properties’ websites
  • Increases your shopping and booking efficiency
  • Bolsters your customers’ confidence in your ability to always offer the best hotel rates for the hotels they want
  • Eliminates the need to integrate hotel bookings made outside the GDS back into the Sabre system
  • Requires no enrolment, additional training or usage fees in order to immediately experience the benefits of the Rate Assured programme


Here’s how the Rate Assured hotel programme works:

  • In the hotel availability display (HOT), a “*” indicates which properties are providing their lowest publicly available rates. Sabre also places these hotels higher on the availability display than hotels that it measures and finds are not providing you the same access to publicly available rates. Remember to look for the “*” next to the rate range when you are shopping for hotels on the Sabre® RedTMWorkspace.
  • You can display only Hotel Rate Assured properties by using the qualifier “/*RA”. The qualifier works with all other Hotels qualifiers.
  • Hotels participating in the Hotel Rate Assured hotel programme are actively monitored by Sabre Travel Network® using the technology of Rubicon, a market-leading rate comparison vendor to ensure that the lowest publicly available unrestricted rates that hotel suppliers offer online are also available within the Sabre system. Sabre Travel Network will be actively communicating to suppliers when we find a rate that is out of parity with the Sabre channel.

Access and Availability

Where Available

The Hotel Rate Assured programme is available to Sabre ConnectedSM agencies worldwide. You can begin to use the “/*RA” indicator immediately to display only Hotel Rate Assured properties.

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