Sabre Profiles

Good information is key to any agent's success, particularly when it comes to customer information. Marketing, booking, accounting, all functions of an agency rely on accurate data management to operate with peak efficiency -- accuracy that only Sabre® can deliver. Introducing Sabre® Profiles.

Better serve your customers in the Sabre® RedWorkspace with:

  • Security – ensure data is kept safe and secure
  • Structure – define profile structure to collect data consistently and accurately
  • Control – gain greater control over profile access and data management

A cutting-edge profile solution focused on improving your ability to cost-effectively serve customers, you now have greater data control and more efficiency than ever before. As an upgrade replacing STARS profiles, Sabre Profiles is free of charge for all Sabre subscribers. You can expect this new solution to streamline your management process by centralising data that can be shared by users across office functions.  You'll also notice improved accuracy that enables a more consistent experience for your traveller - all of which will positively impact your bottom line.

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Key Benefits

  • Much improved efficiency and customer service capability
  • Relational Database Safeguards Profile Data
  • Agent Desktop Integration
  • PNR Linkage to Profiles
  • Data Upgrade
  • Web Service based from the ground up
  • Capability beyond STARS


While day-to-day operation with Sabre Profiles will appear seamless, behind the scenes, this cutting-edge data powerhouse uniquely meets the needs of three distinct user groups: agency administrators; frontline travel agents; and travelling customers. 

For the Agency Administrator

  • Web Service: Sabre Profiles is built with a rich set of web services that provide access to the database. So you won't have to choose between upgrading your data management system and maintaining your current customer databases. The OTA-based XML web services allow an agency's multitude of customer content to be combined and accessed through one central entry point. Using web services you will be able to share data with upline and downline systems ensuring consistent data across the various applications used by your organization.
  • Data Upgrade: our data upgrade service will effectively extract profile data from STARS, map it and load into Sabre Profiles on your behalf.  All of this done for you free of charge.

For the Frontline Travel Agent

  • New Database: our improved database functionality organises traveller data for you so that you can focus on managing your customers' travel experiences.  Structured by key data fields (such as first and last name or email address), you'll be better equipped to query traveller information and improve customer service.
  • Agent Graphical User Interface: your interaction with travellers and corporations will be vastly improved with the Sabre Profile Agent Graphical User Interface.  With enhanced search capabilities, you'll be able to process customer requests more quickly.  In addition, you'll be able to leverage new profile-related features such as data templates, filters, associated profiles and priority notes. And for those agents who prefer the emulator environment, you can bypass the Agent Interface by invoking our easy-to-use set of command formats.
  • PNR Linkage to Profile: all PNRs can be linked to customer profiles. When accessing a PNR, you'll see a complete list of associated profiles.  That means that a detailed profile history for each and every traveller can be right at your finger tips, significantly optimising your workflow and reducing time spent on each booking.
  • Travel Policy Integration: each corporate profile can be assigned to a travel policy record enabling you to maintain a consistent level of service and reservation quality. 

For the Travelling Customer

  • Improved, Consistent Experience: Travellers will be able to rest easy knowing their travel history is in good hands and that you'll be able to ensure that every trip in the future will be managed as flawlessly as the last.
  • A Powerful Advantage in Challenging Times: state of the art data management doesn't get any easier. We'll gather your data and get it into the system for you. From there, you can count on our innovative solution to keep your data connected and serving up accurate, well-rounded information you can use to make travel more affordable and more enjoyable. Combining the latest in data storage, access technology and internet-based design, Sabre Profiles is key to operating at peak efficiency in these challenging times.

Access and Availability

Sabre Profiles will be soon available via Sabre Red Workspace in English, French Canadian and Spanish. Additional languages will follow, including Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese.

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