Sabre Media Solutions

Sabre® Media Solutions enables travel suppliers to highlight their content at travel agents' point of sale while the agents shop and book customers' travel itineraries. Unique targeting capabilities ensure that messages are displayed to the travel agents who are most likely to book those unique offers for their clients.

Tools within the Sabre Media Solutions porfolio include:

Sabre Hotel Spotlight

Increase revenue by positioning your hotel in front of travel agents as they are booking hotel for their clients. The Hotel Spotlight® program offers preferred placement on the Sabre® system that travel agents use to shop and book hotels.

Sabre Sign-In Advertising

Sabre® Sign-In Advertising enables travel suppliers to effectively promote their products with customized advertising messages. The messages are displayed to travel consultants when they sign in to the Sabre global distribution system.

Text Sabre Sign-In advertisements can be targeted to the travel agent's location by region or targeted to all agents globally.

Graphical Sabre Sign-In can further be refined to country, state, or agency codes. 

Sabre PromoSpots

Sabre® PromoSpots is a target marketing tool that enables travel suppliers to reach customers with relevant marketing information at the point of decision. When Sabre ConnectedSM agents are shopping and booking travel for clients, PromoSpots marketing information-relevant to the transaction-can be delivered to their availability screens. The messages will change based on agency and customer criteria and the availability screen requested.

PromoSpots can be targeted by destination airport or city code. In addition, we offer the following targeting elements:

  • Agent's location, such as country or region
  • Destination and/or origination city code
  • Specific agency codes (PCC or IATA)
  • Dates of travel

PromoSpots can be displayed at various points of sale:

  • Sabre® RedTM Workspace - targeting travel agents as they shop and book client's travel
  • Sabre® Cruises - reaching agents as they shop for cruises. This can be used to promote your hotel for pre and post cruise stays
  • GetThere® - reaching corporate travelers directly as they book their corporate travel


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Key Benefits

  • Target travel agents in their workflow
  • Influence your revenue by promoting off-peak inventory
  • Up-sell and cross-sell “extra” components at the time of booking

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