Sabre Group Management Tool

Sabre® Group Management Tool (GMT) is a comprehensive inventory product that automates the processing of groups of blocked seats between airlines and Sabre agencies.

Group Management Tool enables travel agencies to request, sell and fully manage blocked space automatically through the Sabre® system, reducing errors and the need to repeatedly contact the airline by phone or e-mail.

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Pricing and Special Offers

Group Management Tool is free to all Sabre Connected agents.

Key Benefits

  • Increases efficiency by automating block space creation
  • Increases agent productivity by integrating into the workflow
  • Frees agencies from the burden of supporting airline inventory control mechanisms
  • Maintains data integrity through standard message types
  • Provides flexible security and access control measures
  • Integrates easily into third party applications, such as a GUI front end


Group Management Tool automates many of the processes normally required for group management:

  • Automated block management - Both standard allocations or ad-hoc block requests can be made via the Sabre system, reducing the need for agents to call the airline group desk
  • No passive segments - PNRs created with Group Management Tool contain actual HK segments and include all standard PNR functionality including e-ticketing, pre-reserved seats, and schedule change
  • Automated inventory milestones - Reduction and expiry dates and amounts are automatically tracked and actioned

Group Management Tool integrates seamlessly into the normal agency workflow, making it easier for agents to find, sell, and manage groups

  • Block space indicator included on neutral availability displays
  • Block-specific qualifiers allow agents to quickly search for available block space
  • Allocation details easy to view and manage
  • Normal PNR functionality, such as added feeder flights, assigned seats and special meal requests
  • Fully compatible with e-ticketing

Additional Information

Group Management Tool requires airline participation and authorisation.


Sabre offers online training tools and resources, available via Agency eServices web site, such as:

  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Student Guide

For additional information about training options please e-mail your Sabre representative.


Access and Availability

Group Management Tool is available through the use of related commands in the Sabre system and is not restricted by region or market.  Any Sabre subscriber interested in obtaining block space from an airline should work with that airline and their Sabre sales contact to begin the use of Group Management Tool.

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