Sabre Central Command

Sabre® CentralCommandSM is a fully integrated business solution that combines the industry leading travel application with a flexible finance and reporting system. The only integrated system designed specifically for the travel community, CentralCommand goes beyond the number-crunching of most back office solutions to enable you to monitor, manage and grow your business.

Using the extensive travel knowledge of Sabre Travel Network® and the financial expertise of Agresso, CentralCommand and the Agresso business modules offer the flexibility to customise your agencies financial needs with data from any GDS.

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Pricing and Special Offers

Affordable pricing is available related to the agency booking volume. Based on your business needs, you can bundle CentralCommand along with the Agresso modules and only pay for the products used.

Key Benefits

CentralCommand goes beyond the traditional agency back office, it is a complete Business Information System that:

  • Enables managers to understand, develop and operate their business better
  • Provides significant cost savings and maximum return on investment
  • Empowers employees and decentralises responsibility
  • Improves productivity through 24/7 access and streamlined procedures
  • Drastically reduces end user training requirements
  • Delivers access to critical business information
  • Offers integrated operational functionality
  • Increased visibility of uncollected vendor commission


CentralCommand is a modern business system, providing an interface that is intuitive for users who work with Microsoft Office or similar suites of software. The system is fully scalable and is proven to satisfy industry needs.

CentralCommand includes embedded document imaging and workflow tools in order to improve the efficiency of business processing. Productivity is further enhanced through e-mail capabilities as well as the ability to integrate with other core business and desktop applications.


Using Sabre’s extensive knowledge of the applications needed by a travel agency, tools have been developed that allow agencies to manage the information received from any GDS. CentralCommand is the culmination of Sabre’s and Agresso’s development expertise and the integration of the travel applications into the Agresso platform.

Travel applications are available and accessible to each user based on individual authorisations set by the administrator. These applications allow users to perform common tasks needed at the agency including: Transaction Entry and Inquiry, ARC/BSP/IAR reconciliation and reporting, Credit Card Reconciliation, Commission Posting and Reconciliation, GDS Interface, Validation of Data, UDID parse, Financial processing to GL and Reporting. 


CentralCommand has all the features you would expect from a modern fully integrated financials application including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, together with comprehensive budgeting, fixed asset and cash management features.

Key areas of functionality include multi-company, multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities, powerful scheduling and automation features and the distribution of vital business information on an as-needs basis.

Business Analysis and Reporting

This is done through a business management package with a unique combination of a remarkable underlying data structure and integrated business information delivery tools that enable users to access and understand this data, quickly, easily and effectively.

Key areas of functionality include a flexible structure to match changes happening to your business, unsurpassed breadth and depth of information access due to the comprehensive analysis and simple data extraction due to the integration of reporting tools.

Unique Structure of CentralCommand

CentralCommand’s database is attribute-based. An attribute is any aspect of your data or organisation that is required to be analysed, reported on or monitored. This could be, for example, a cost centre, division, project, company, customer or a product. An unlimited number of attributes is definable and new ones can be created at any time during the life of the system. Attributes are then linked together into groups and hierarchies for integrated analysis and reporting.

Not only does the coding structure allow maximum flexibility in terms of analysis, but also the structure can be changed at any time as business requirements change, for example, to accommodate new product ranges or a new organisational structure. These changes can be undertaken far more rapidly and at a much lower cost than with many competitive offerings, where often a complete reimplementation is required.

In addition, all inquiry, analysis and reporting tools are integral parts of the application. When it comes to changing CentralCommand, modification to the system's underlying structure will immediately be reflected in the analysis, reporting and inquiry facilities, thus eliminating time and resources spent on adapting these tools.

Additional Information


Training is available for CentralCommand.


Support is provided by the Agresso Travel support team trained on CentralCommand papplications. Sabre Travel Network also provides expert support.

Technical Requirements

Windows 2003 server

Access and Availability

CentralCommand may be configured as a client-server system installed at an agency location via secured internet based Web services portal.


  • United States
  • Canada
  • Caribbean
  • Europe (UK, The Netherlands, Belgium)

Travel Applications & Financials are available in:

  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Spanish

Financials are available in several languages including:

  • English
  • German
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese

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