Sabre Airline Merchandising

The airline industry is evolving. Carriers today are looking for new ways to gain a marketing edge and increase revenue. Many are finding the answer in merchandising their product — by either unbundling or bundling fare features. You need the tools to manage these trends, and Sabre® Airline Merchandising is the solution.

As an agent, you want to know the full array of airline products and services. You also need easy, efficient and transparent shopping and booking of these products. Sabre Airline Merchandising delivers. It empowers Sabre ConnectedSM agents to deliver the best travel services at the best value.

The two components of Sabre Airline Merchandising are:

  • Air Extras - supports the unbundling of fares, which results in carriers offering optional add-on services for a fee. Air Extras provides you with the content and tools to support customers' requests of these services. Booking these ancillaries is as easy as booking the airfare!
  • Branded Fares - supports airlines' creation of unique product brands that bundle features together to appeal to different types of buyers. This creates a price/value proposition where the buyer gets more for their money as they buy up. Sabre Branded Fares provides you with quick access to the brands, their specific attributes and streamlined selling.

Currently, a number of airlines provide merchandising content through Sabre Airline Merchandising, with many new carriers to be added in the future.

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Pricing and Special Offers

Sabre Airline Merchandising products are available at no cost to all Sabre ConnectedSMagents.

Key Benefits

The additional content provided through Sabre Airline Merchandising empowers our agency and corporate customers to deliver:

  • More EfficiencySabre Airline Merchandising is fully integrated into the traditional workflow, so agents can quickly determine available merchandising options.
  • Higher Transparency – Additional content is displayed at multiple touch points, providing transparency of available products and services, as well as total travel spend, to the customer.
  • Better Customer Service – The agent is able to provide the content requested by the traveller without having to leave the Sabre® Red™ Workspace, giving them a better travel experience.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty – By providing more choices, the customer can determine which products and services have the most value to them, translating to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Seamless end-to-end merchandising experiences, from shopping to fulfillment.
  • Consistent agent processes regardless of the carrier.
  • Content quickly accessible at multiple touch points, including city pair availability and shopping.
  • Unique functionality designed to not be intrusive of the normal booking process.
  • Follows industry standard ancillary fee filings and fulfillment processes.
  • Available in both graphical and traditional view through the Sabre Red Workspace.

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