Refunds and Exchanges

Say goodbye to the manual process of ticket refund and exchange. With our Refunds and Exchanges feature, you'll zip through what used to be a complex and tedious process of reissuing, refunding and exchanging tickets. With almost one in 10 tickets subsequently refunded or exchanged, adopting Refunds and Exchanges for all your ticket change needs will immediately deliver accuracy and productivity gains to your agency.

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Pricing and Special Offers

Refunds and Exchanges is free to all Sabre ConnectedSM travel agents. Enjoy this great time-saving tool at no additional cost.

Key Benefits

  • Increases productivity by automating the time-consuming manual process of reissuing, refunding and exchanging tickets
  • Improves accuracy by simplifying ticket changes that can involve complex rules, different currencies and complicated procedures
  • Minimises likelihood of calculation errors, which could lead to lost revenue and back-office headaches
  • Reduces training cost and time as Quick Refunds and Exchanges prepares the refund or exchange transaction for ticketing


Processing an exchange or refund using Refunds and Exchangesis simple. By entering the ticket number for the refund or exchange, you receive an image of the ticket, which populates a mask with all the pertinent ticket information - reducing possible pricing errors and debit memos.

Refunds and Exchanges provides a consistent "look and feel" for both refunds and exchanges. You'll quickly become familiar with the ticket change process, allowing you to focus more on your customers.

Ticket Storage

Refunds and Exchanges retrieves the original ticket information from the Sabre system's ticket database. If the ticket is not held in our database, Refunds and Exchanges retrieves electronic ticket information from the airline's electronic ticket record, which is typically valid for 13 months.

Ticket Comparisons

Refunds and Exchanges also automatically provides you with a comparison between the old and the new tickets - including a breakdown of the taxes. This greatly helps you in determining paid and unpaid taxes and makes complex recalculations easier, and increases accuracy. If ticket information cannot be retrieved from the Sabre system, you can quickly enter your ticket information into the mask.

Electronic Refund Data

Refunds and Exchanges creates your refund data automatically, formatting the information that is electronically sent in your BSP report.  

Global Coverage

Refunds and Exchanges is the only repricing tool that applies for all points of sale, all itineraries and all fare types. Refunds and Exchanges is not limited to a subset of airlines or itineraries like many competitor tools.

Additional Information


Learning how to use Refunds and Exchanges is quick and easy. Simple masks prompt the agent to enter required information and no codes or cryptic formats are needed. Virtual training classes are available throughout the year to Sabre Connected agents. Check the training calendar on Agency eServices to learn more.

Technical Requirements

Hardware Requirements

The Refunds and Exchanges feature is accessed via the Sabre GDS, so no additional hardware requirements apply.

Network Requirements

Refunds and Exchanges is accessed via the Sabre GDS, so no additional network requirements apply.

Access and Availability

For activation details, simply request Refunds and Exchanges Overview in our FormatFinderSM help system.


Refunds and Exchanges is available to all Sabre Connected travel agents.

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