Direct Fare Filing

Take your fare management capabilities to a new level with Direct Fare Filing, our state-of-the-art fare filing tool that further automates the management of your negotiated fare contracts. With a user-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI), Direct Fare Filing increases agent productivity and facilitates the management of negotiated fare content.

Direct Fare Filing enables you to input, edit, manage and distribute multiple negotiated fare types. In addition, a Mark-up Manager module enables users to mark-up and redistribute net fares filed via the tool.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce the cost of managing and distributing your private fare content
  • Load private fares in near real-time, giving you a competitive edge
  • Increase your productivity by using a single tool to input, manage and distribute multiple fare types
  • Ensure greater accuracy and security
  • Integrate with low-fare search and pricing capabilities of the Sabre® system.


Private fares are becoming predominant in many markets. Paper distribution of negotiated fares is no longer effective and you need a solution to handle the increased volume of negotiated fares.

By using Direct Fare Filing, you can more easily create, manage and distribute negotiated contracts.

Direct Fare Filing:

  • Includes contract management capabilities to create, clone, modify, and delete contracts
  • Supports creation of all types of negotiated fares, including Fixed Price Fares, Discounted Fares, Net Fares for North America and/or international markets
  • Supports majority of the automated rule categories within Rule Input
  • Reduces manual work with built-in productivity tools
  • Creates groups for geographic locations and viewership for re-use purposes
  • Includes “calculate functions” that enable you to quickly update fares
  • Supports multiple levels of security and user administration
  • Contains a contract report for quality control prior to committing to production
  • Enables users to mark-up or discount by flat amount, by percent, or a combination
  • Provides extensive help tools similar to Microsoft Help throughout the contract building process any time you need assistance

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