Low Fare Search

As part of the Sabre® Air Shopping product line, our Low Fare Search itinerary-led shopping feature enables you to find lower-priced itinerary options based on specific criteria provided by your customers. This feature searches alternate airlines, airports, time of day and inventory to provide up to 19 lower fare options on domestic itineraries.

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Pricing and Special Offers

Scan charges may apply based on existing contract. Please contact your account representative for details.

Key Benefits

  • Enables you to offer lower-priced fare options to your customers
  • Automates the viewing, pricing and ticketing of alternative fares
  • Reduces shopping and booking time, thus increasing your efficiency and productivity
  • Empowers you to meet your customers’ preferences by offering more options


Low Fare Search features offer new robust worldwide capabilities:

  • Breadth of Options
    • Receive hundreds of low fare worldwide options in a single request
  • Diversity of Responses
    • Use low fare search qualifiers to provide a variety of carriers, non-stop and connecting flight options, short flight durations, etc.
  • Alternate City Shopping
    • Process low fare options using mileage radius within 100 miles of the preferred origin or destination
  • Complex Trip Processing
    • Provide a comprehensive and diverse display of worldwide simple and complex itineraries (up to 19 options)
  • Calendar Shopping
    • Search alternate dates up to three days from the preferred departure and return dates to find lower fare options

Additional Information

Training and Support

Users of Low Fare Search should have a good working knowledge of Sabre system formats. We also offer training tools and resources at Agency eServices as well as user conferences offered throughout the year. Our help desk is available 24/7 to help serve your needs.

Access and Availability

Low Fare Search can be invoked two ways. Online agencies typically use the structured data JR entry. Off-line agencies can access Low Fare Search via the JR entry, JR Mask or the WPNI entry in the Sabre® global distribution system.

Low Fare Search is available to Sabre ConnectedSM agencies worldwide through the Sabre Air Shopping line of products.

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