Sabre Virtual Payments

Sabre Virtual Payments

Do you want to protect your clients from fraud? Let Sabre® Virtual Payments secure your clients' credit with fast and automated payment reconciliation. It deploys a single use virtual credit card to pay for trip components, and matches all bookings with payment. This process will reduce your clients' fraud exposure, trim your manual expenses and add more time to your day.

What's in it for you?

  • INTEGRATE EASILY with multiple banking and card partners that fit your customers' needs.
  • PREVENT FRAUD and drive travel policy compliance with a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant solution.
  • SAVE TIME by automatically matching booking to payment with no manual reconcilation
  • TRIM DOWN EXPENSES by finding payment discrepancies in trip and booking items.

How will you stand out?

  • PROTECT YOUR CLIENTS with powerful fraud protection from secure virtual credit cards.
  • SPEED UP YOUR WORKLOW by accessing virtual cards directly in your workflow — no need to visit external websites.
  • MANAGE YOUR FINANCIAL COMPLIANCE with virtual cards by offering greater control over spend limits and merchant categories.
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR CLIENTS' TRAVEL POLICY DECISIONS by providing them clean, consistent travel data in one place.
  • SPEND YOUR TIME BETTER by eliminating the manual work of managing credit card authorizations and direct bill application.

How it works for you

Agents can use Sabre Virtual Payments when starting the booking process.The solution seamlessly integrates into an agent's workflow through a Sabre Red App. Once the reservation is confirmed, Sabre Virtual Payments issues a single-use virtual credit card. Then, agents set payment restrictions for bookings and enter information into the custom data fields. Finally, the credit card authorization is sent to the travel supplier.

Once the trip occurs, corporate customers can log in online and see matches between bookings and payments (reconciliation). This match data can be exported for download for further analysis and reporting.


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