Sabre Dev Studio

Sabre Dev Studio

Reinvent travel with Sabre® Dev Studio, our portfolio of services and tools that allow you to build apps that move the world. Dev Studio powers both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) applications. And it provides services that enable you to create value across the entire travel process — from inspiration and search to providing personalized service.

What's in it for you?

  • ACCESS comprehensive travel information to power your solutions
  • GROW YOUR BUSINESS with industry-leading technology and expertise
  • DEVELOP AND TEST FASTER with flexible APIs and dynamic tools
  • DELIVER AMAZING USER EXPERIENCES by combining your creativity with our portfolio

How will you stand out?

With Sabre Dev Studio, you will have access to a comprehensive developer portfolio that can help your company differentiate your product and grow your business.

How it works for you

As a Sabre Dev Studio developer, you will power your applications with Sabre® technology, giving you access to over 100 APIs (Sabre ® Web Services), informational services, software development kits (SDKs) and notification services.

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Sabre APIs (Sabre Web Services)

Use our powerful portfolio of over 100 APIs to access the Sabre travel marketplace. We offer APIs in a variety of technologies to meet your specific needs.

Try our ReST APIs for shopping and intelligence capabilities to shop for air, incorporate theme shopping and even forecast the future. Sabre ReST APIs provide high-accuracy result sets at sub-second response times. These APIs are powered by technology and infrastructure that is mobile friendly.

Our SOAP APIs allow you to customize your applications and access travel information across the entire travel process. Our continued investment in advanced air shopping capabilities creates improved performance, increased flexibility and a great experience for end users. We have superior performance, reliability and scalability demonstrated by billions of transactions processed by our sophisticated platform and proven low fare efficacy.

Informational Services

Sabre Dev Studio informational services provide robust, crowd-sourced and custom-tailored shopping information to power a variety of applications. Sabre Dev Studio informational services meet a variety of business needs, such as powering shopping caches, providing air content for packaging applications, and supporting marketing efforts such as targeted promotional alerts. Our Market Fare View product can be customized to your specifications and can be delivered through scheduled batch feeds or through a near real-time stream of crowd sourced results.

Notification Services

Event Notification Services allow you to subscribe to receive structured XML messages on changes to specific travel information from Sabre. With this service, you will receive notifications about changes to PNRs and queues as they occur — in real time — saving you time and money.


The Red App Developer Toolkit is a robust toolkit with all the tools, documentation, sample plug-ins — including source code — and utilities developers need to build Sabre Red Apps that run seamlessly in the Sabre Red Workspace. Your Red App developer application and proposal must be approved before you can get access to the Red App Developer Toolkit.

It’s simple to get access to our sandbox. Use the API Explorer to try out Sabre REST APIs by making calls into the test environment.


The Sabre Dev Studio site has a collection of resources to help you get started. You will find answers on how to build, test and launch your application. From helpful industry and technology links, to a glossary of some of the most common travel terms, our resources page is the place to visit when you have questions.

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