Sabre Content Services for Lodging

Sabre Content Services for Lodging

Bringing Over a Million Property Options into One Display.

Thanks to the ever-evolving Internet and the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the way people discover and book travel has dramatically changed. Industry innovators, like Sabre, are developing new ways to serve travel agencies and its agents’ alternative accommodation choices and travel experiences.  

Introducing Sabre Content Services for Lodging - our latest solution that integrates multi-source, multi-representation of GDS and aggregator hotel content through a single display. The new set of lodging APIs is now available on Sabre Dev Studio, giving Sabre customers access to over a million property options and a more consistent shopping experience down on the room and rate level with new data normalization and capabilities like agency preferencing. Aggregator sources include, Expedia Partner Solutions, and Bedsonline, covering more than 90% of the world in lodging in addition to the current GDS supply.

Key Benefits Include:


Shop and compare multiple sources of content (GDS and aggregator) enabling more than 90% of the world’s properties


Shop from almost 300 more attributes for more qualified results


Influence the display to prioritize rates and products in program and in policy


Better workflow integration into agency points of sale


Improved shopping experience that displays richer content


Quickly integrate your point of sale with stateless XML/JSON APIs, easier workflow integration and improved developer documentation using tools like Swagger

Ready to get started?

Here's how to get access to over a million property options with Content Services for Lodging APIs:

  1. 1. Get access to the APIs and implementation resources: Check out Sabre Dev Studio for documentation, support and tools for integration.
  2. 2. Sign aggregator agreement(s): Visit the Direct Reference System on Agency eServices to learn about aggregator content options, and follow the agreement and credential process in order to access aggregator content within Content Services for Lodging.
  3. 3. Log on to Hotel Manager: After signing your aggregator agreement(s), enter your agency aggregator credential information into the Hotel Manager tool inside Sabre Red Workspace or Sabre Red 360. Upon completion of this step, the aggregator content will automatically be available inside your booking tool.

As one of the first steps in a multi-phased release plan, these same APIs will power Sabre Red 360 by the end of 2019. Stay tuned for updates!

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