Quality Control and Ticketing

Quality Control and Ticketing

Quality Control and Ticketing is a robotic application that automates a high percentage of an agency’s ticketing functions. This automation reduces agency costs associated with manual work and increases agent productivity.

By automating the majority of the fulfillment process that normally requires human intervention—including quality control tasks, service fees, ticketing and invoicing processes—you will be able to redirect resources to revenue producing activities.

What's in it for you?

  • ENSURE EXCELLENCE by selecting from 100+ quality control options that are essential for successfully issuing tickets
  • ACHIEVE UP TO 90% TOUCHLESS TICKETING reduce costly human errors by automating manual post-booking work and alleviating routine tasks associated with completing a transaction or closing a sale
  • IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE by allowing travel professionals to focus on being travel experts and providing valuable services to your customers

How will you stand out?

INCREASE AGENT PRODUCTIVITY: Automate tasks freeing up the agents to be travel experts providing valuable services and generating revenue.


REDUCE COSTS: Eliminate errors that lead to potential debit memos and inaccurate reporting.

How it works for you

TAILOR YOUR SETTINGS to fit your businesses needs with an easy-to-use configuration module.

RUN THE ROBOT. It will send all successful transactions to the assigned queue; reservations that don't meet the quality control settings will be sent back to the agent.

LET QUALITY CONTROL & TICKETING WORK FOR YOU while you focus on revenue generating activities.


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