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Outperform expectations with service that reminds them that their success is important to you. Equip them with tools that adapt to their lifestyles. Link on-the-go travelers with up-to-the-minute itineraries and alerts of last-second changes, via their desktop or wireless and web-enabled mobile devices. Explore our innovative and award-winning tools designed to help you differentiate your service.

Sabre Virtually There

Busy clients will love 24/7 access to a site (with your brand and contact info) that displays all their trip details in real-time. Accessible from laptops and web-enabled mobile devices, too, they can download itineraries to their calendars, get flight notification alerts, access driving directions, and much more — even en route to the airport.

Use Sabre® Virtually There® to easily send your client an email containing a link to Using their PC or web-enabled mobile device, clients link to a graphical, easy-to-read page at the website that contains their own Sabre-booked itinerary and other personal travel details. Real-time data — such as gate assignments and flight departure/arrival times — is instantly and automatically updated and always available. Because Sabre Travel Network® hosts the site, there’s no extra work and your agency doesn’t incur any additional cost.

Key Benefits

Graphical Profiles & Profile Web Service

Good information is key to any agent's success, particularly when it comes to customer information. Marketing, booking, accounting, all functions of an agency rely on accurate data management to operate with peak efficiency — accuracy that only we can deliver.

A cutting-edge profile solution focused on improving your ability to cost-effectively serve customers, you now have greater data control and more efficiency than ever before. You can expect this solution to streamline your management process by centralizing data that can be shared by users across office functions. You'll also notice improved accuracy that enables a more consistent experience for your traveler — all of which will positively impact your bottom line.

Key Benefits

Unused Electronic Ticketing

Now, you can access unused electronic ticket data just five days beyond the last date of travel on the coupon. The availability of the data has been expanded from seven days to up to 100 days. In addition, we made it easier to search and view the data. You can now sort and display by carrier, specific date or date range or you can combine the options to include both carrier and date range queries.

These Unused Electronic Ticketing reports consolidate and list unused electronic tickets in a Sabre system-hosted database, allowing you to better manage your customers' travel dollars.

We've also integrated the reports through our Ticketing Assistant tool, which significantly extends the capabilities to track and apply unused tickets. Through Ticketing Assistant, you'll receive unlimited data retention, additional relevant details such as fare paid and city-pair info, plus automatic pro-active checks against the database to identify unused ticket matches for possible exchange prior to ticketing.

Unused Electronic Ticketing is easy to use and easy to activate. And with these enhancements, it becomes an even more valuable tool in helping you streamline your management of unused electronic tickets.

Key Benefits

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