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Leading online travel agencies watch the bottom line with an eagle eye. Advanced business intelligence tools — for complex, customized reports or for decision-making — provide the final polish that makes you indispensable. You'll be a smooth operator, too, using our tools to grow brand loyalty and to ensure your customers keep coming back. Here’s how we can help you manage your business:

Contract Optimization Services

Balancing performance targets and savings guarantees in supplier contracts, while maximizing profitability, is a very complex task. Our Contract Optimization Services combine powerful business intelligence capabilities, leveraging our unmatched expertise in revenue management, with leading shopping technology to provide significant bottom line benefits. The integrated service components include: Sales Planning, Content Customization and Reporting & Analysis.

Contract Optimization Service (COS) minimizes corporate travel spend and maximizes agency revenue. It guides the agency or corporation through contract negotiations with air suppliers, plans the sales targets in order to comply with those contractual agreements, executes remedial actions thru customizations and campaigns, and monitors the performance of those actions on an ongoing basis.

Key Benefits

Sabre CentralCommand

Sabre® CentralCommand provides a differentiated back office and management system for larger agencies. Unlike other products in the market, Sabre CentralCommand is the only enterprise resource planning (ERP) product tailored specifically for the travel industry.

Call Centre Efficiency

Our desktop empowers OTA call center agents to efficiently process phone reservations. Qik® Developer is a robust developer tool that provides extensive application customization for agencies requiring a highly managed workflow and the ability to interact with agency specific data sources.

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