More Efficiency

Automate and streamline operations for cost effectiveness. Move fluidly from request to reservation, with time-saving, turbo-charged tools that automate processes, freeing you to serve more customers. Look at the countless ways we are helping you to operate more efficiently:

Web Services

Our Sabre® Web Services  provides easier, faster and more flexible access to the Sabre® system functionality and products. Through the Internet, you can integrate our products and services — all the functionality needed to sell travel — with your own applications and databases. Web Services is ideal for an agency with no Sabre system format expertise that wants to build or update a customized booking application for its website.

Key Benefits

Ticketing Assistant

Ticketing Assistant is a robotic application that automates a high percentage of Passenger Name Records (PNR) quality control and ticketing functions. Agencies can configure over 100 items at the Psuedo City Code (PCC) level for their own quality control and ticketing needs. Ideal for larger, high-volume travel agencies that want to automate these processes.

Key Benefits

Refunds and Exchanges

Say goodbye to the manual process of ticket refund and exchange. With our Refunds and Exchanges solutions, you'll zip through what used to be a complex and tedious process of reissuing, refunding and exchanging tickets. With almost one in 10 tickets subsequently refunded or exchanged, adopting Refunds and Exchanges for all your ticket change needs will immediately deliver accuracy and productivity gains to your agency.

Key Benefits

Qik Developer

Need more customization than off-the-shelf booking applications deliver? With Qik® Developer , build your own unique workflow application that has all the bells and whistles your agency needs. You can start with the high-speed, user-friendly desktop Turbo Sabre®. Customize the keypads, work areas, pop up windows and look and feel with Qik Developer. If that’s not what you’re looking for, then build your own desktop from scratch. You’ll have more control over the graphical user interface than ever before.

Key Benefits

Sabre Travel Network Consulting Services

It has never been more important to understand how your business is really performing. And knowing how your company stacks up against other leading companies is key to your success. Especially when it comes to issues affecting productivity, efficiency, costs and technology.

Sabre Travel Network® Consulting delivers penetrating insights as a result of our work with agencies and suppliers around the world. Our global scale provides you with an in-depth, objective assessment of your business.

Engage our consulting services to uncover opportunities to improve your company’s performance. With a breadth of service offerings, our process and technology consulting practices provide customizable services to meet your needs.

Committed to minimising the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.