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Sabre Travel Network® provides developers the most comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of services to build and power travel applications.

Why develop with Sabre?

Reinvent Travel with Sabre Dev Studio

Sabre® Dev Studio is a portfolio of services and tools that enables developers to build apps that move the world. Sabre Dev Studio powers both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) applications and provides services that allow you to create value across the entire travel process — from inspiration and search to providing personalized service to your customers. See how some of our partners are reinventing travel and powering their solutions using Dev Studio.

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Become a Sabre Red App Certified Provider or Sabre Authorized Developer.

Sabre Red App Certified Provider

Interested in developing apps that reach over 250,000 travel agents? Sabre Dev Studio includes technology that gives you with the opportunity to make your apps available through the industry’s first B2B app store, the Sabre® RedApp Centre.

With the Red App Developer Toolkit, you can enable an existing application as a Red App or create a new one. You can then quickly certify your app and make it available through the Red App Centre, providing access to travel agents in 140+ countries who use our point of sale, Sabre® RedWorkspace.

Sabre Authorized Developer

As a partner in our Sabre® Authorized Developer program, you will receive dedicated support, access to our Sabre Dev Studio portfolio and the opportunity to promote your products to our agency customers.

We are committed to having the most effective third-party developer program in the travel industry. We currently have relationships with 150+ third-party developers around the world who provide software services to meet a broad spectrum of travel agency business needs.

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