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Giles Travel

"The industry is undergoing a lot of change and to be successful, you need to operate more efficiently and respond swiftly to customer needs.  Our Red Workspace upgrade was seamless and we saw an immediate improvement in efficiency simply by having all the tools we need in one place.  It's user-friendly and we can customise the workflow to our needs. Sabre's continuous innovation makes them a strong technology partner - how their technology enables us to operate at maximum efficiency translates into a great customer experience and is certainly one of the reasons why Giles Travel were named "Best TMC" at this year's Business Travel Awards!"
David Giles - Chairman and founder of Giles Travel, a UK agency named “Best TMC” at the Business Travel Awards

UNIGLOBE Top Flight Travel

Download the Uniglobe Business Case
Download the Uniglobe Business Case
"Sabre has worked very hard to develop this tool to our company specifics. They listened to our requirements and jointly worked with us to provide a solution that matched our needs and those of other TMC's. Where possible they created bespoke solutions and this has resulted in a tool that adds real value to our business."
Helen Webb - General Manager UNIGLOBE Top Flight Travel

Redfern Travel - UK

Redfern Travel has worked with Sabre as a preferred technology supplier since 2007. During this period our hotel sales have grown by 20 times thanks to the assistance Sabre has given us with integration of our online hotel booking system Conferma. Over the same period we have grown our UK rail business to over 40,000 transactions a month and integrated all of these as passive PNR’s in Sabre and TSDS.
Ian Wotton - Managing Director Redfern Travel Ltd

Reed & Mackay Travel Ltd - UK

Sabre have continued to offer outstanding technical capability and support that has enabled R&M to deliver differentiated industry leading service. R&M bespoke iQ booking and research technology works using the advanced SABRE WebServices platform and workflow process’s, which have allowed R&M to deliver 65% productivity benefits since beginning to develop within the SABRE technology based environment.
Matthew Everson - IT Director Reed & Mackay Travel Ltd

Gifto Travel - UK

Sabre has been our back-bone for over a decade. After a sneak preview of the next generation developments, with multi GDS integration and LCC in one slick portal, I am excited at the prospects for the next decade"
Asad H. Siddiq - Director, Gifto Travels Ltd

Norad Travel Management

TSDS helps us …. when we have situations like we just had down recently in Haiti, we were very quick to understand whether or not we have anyone down in that parts of the world. And for the people who are… involved in the corporate social responsibility side of the business it’s an easy quick flick of the switch and they know where they are so like an add on to our HR department because of that product.
Mick Gibbs - Managing Director Norad Travel Management

Al Gosaibi Travel

“If I were to describe Sabre Red in one word it would be “Efficient” – it’s “Efficient” in design, “Efficient” in usability and an extremely “Efficient” customer service tool. The new solution helped me increase the number of customers I can now service in a day and is tremendously adept in displaying the most competitive fare, thus helping me make money and save money at the same time.”
Ajay Mathew - Reservations and Ticketing Manager

Dadabhai Travel

"With a single click of the mouse, I am able to collate all the required information for my customers. Making it easier to service the customers’ needs and considerably improve upon our turnaround time, Sabre Red is going to revolutionize the GDS landscape around the globe.”
Joaquim Fernandez - Manager: Corporate

Norad Travel Management

“The newly-enabled Workspace is quicker, more flexible, more versatile, and the next step in our vision to have a one-stop-shop travel solution. The Sabre Red portfolio is an awesome asset to any TMC’s arsenal of service solutions, and delivers truly unique capabilities not offered by anyone else on the market. I’m confident this will help us differentiate our service and get ahead of the curve to meet the growth in appetite for mobile and ancillary services.”
Mick Gibbs - Chief Executive Officer


“As advertised, the Sabre Red Workspace is quicker to start-up and we experienced faster response times to data queries.”
Brenda Morin - Director of Operations

WRR Travel Partners

“The installation process was very quick and very easy to follow.  Each time I open Sabre Red Workspace, the application remembers my settings, my agent location and identity, and it loads very quickly. I love the new layout, it really works well for me, and I like the design and the accessibility of all the features.”
Michael Retsina - WRR Travel Partners

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