Secrets of the Successful

Welcome to Secrets of the Successful, your opportunity to learn about how travel professionals are succeeding in this dynamic industry. Each success story has its own secrets — take a look.

More Secrets of the Successful

Marti Reisen

Marti Reisen GmbH is on a mission to be the number one travel agency of choice for the 5.5 million Turks living in central Europe. Customized ticketing and accounting apps, flexible pricing, and unbeatable support from Sabre are helping Marti Reisen get there. Turkish customers across Europe – offline and online – are enjoying better service and better bookings as a result.

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Wing On Travel

Wing On Travel serves more than 500,000 customers annually through its responsive website and retail storefronts located across Hong Kong and Macau. With over 50 years’ operational experience, Wing On Travel is one of Hong Kong’s leading leisure travel agencies offering an extensive range of travel packages to travellers worldwide. Its comprehensive scope of travel routes includes over 2,000 outbound tours and travel packages spanning across more than 400 destinations.

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The Gattinoni Group is one of Italy’s great business success stories. What Franco Gattinoni started as one small office in 1983 has since grown to more than 30 offices, with hundreds of network affiliates spread across Italy. Today, the Gattinoni Group manages thousands of customer relationships and over 450,000 bookings annually. Great people – backed up by Sabre Red Workspace solutions – are the stars of this story of vision, perseverance and progress.

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When SAFRAN wanted a more seamless and advanced travel technology platform for employees, Sabre was selected to power its travel program. SAFRAN engineers, scientists and programmers travel the globe every week to design, build and deliver some of the world’s most advanced aircraft engines, avionics, and digital ID systems.

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It’s one of Spain’s best-known and highest-volume leisure travel agencies, specialising in vacation packages to the Americas and Caribbean. Thanks to the more scalable and seamless online and call centre solutions by Sabre, and better visibility into fl ights and accommodations, DOMINICANA’S booking volume is up 20 percent and its prepared for even

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Otravo, one of the largest online travel agencies in Europe, had comprehensive long term growth plans and ambitions to build the fastest, easiest and most comprehensive, online travel products and best customer service experience in the Netherlands and Belgium. Find out how they partnered with Sabre to achieve this with amazing results.

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Frequent Flyer Travel Paris

The owner of Frequent Flyer Travel Paris needed a more responsive technology travel partner and a plan for the future. He found that, and more, with his conversion to Sabre Travel Network.

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Newmont Travel

Newmont Travel gains better functionality and expert support with switch to Sabre® Web Services.

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Costco Travel

Costco travel provides quality vacations powered by Sabre® Web Services

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Viking River Cruises

Viking river cruises provides views of historic landmarks from deluxe river cruise ships, uses Sabre for air reservations.

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Hillgate Travel

Sabre solutions, in-depth consulting engagement boost operating efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

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