The results are inRest assured. When you partner with Sabre, you find the lowest fares and the most attractive itineraries.

Recently, an independent study was conducted to determine which travel technology provider finds the lowest fares and the most attractive itinerary options.

Who won the low fare challenge?

As reported in an independent study conducted by Fried & Partners:

The travel world is complex with 137 million fares, updated hourly, 563 million fare rules, 41.5 million active availability records, and 7.6 million schedules. Sabre invests millions of dollars each year to take the complexity out of shopping and gives you the flexibility to shop for travel the way you and your travellers prefer.

What value does Sabre deliver?

Fares found by Sabre globally are $13 cheaper than Amadeus and $72 cheaper than Travelport.

What about attractive itinerary options?

Low fares are important, but so are attractive itinerary options. Travellers’ preferences vary – some want to fly early in the morning, while others prefer a mid-afternoon flight. Travellers also have their preferred airlines. Travellers are also willing to pay extra for better service (e.g. non-stop versus connecting itinerary, interline vs. single-airline itinerary, etc.) or for the option that best meets their needs

So it’s important to offer customers a large and diverse set of options at an attractive price – to have the “right” options for every customer. Having options builds confidence with travellers and provides them a baseline to compare fare choices. As such, Sabre finds more attractive options than Amadeus and Travelport ... everywhere.

How did Sabre beat the other guys?

We have the industry’s most advanced travel shopping and pricing technology that finds the best airfares.

Here are a few examples:

  • Enhanced Itinerary Selection
    Sabre approaches flight selection differently and combines itineraries in unique new ways to produce lower fare options, while also ensuring these itineraries are still attractive to consumers – not sacrificing quality of service for lowest fare.

  • Diversity
    Sabre deployed a new diversity model to derive broader solution sets based on convenience and cost. The algorithms are built to return the ‘right’ mix of flights. The new diversity model takes into consideration 12 different factors including carriers operating in the market, a good mix of options throughout the time of day, shorter flight times for more convenience, and the lowest fares in the market. Sabre customers are finding more consumer-centric low-priced, low travel time itineraries while maximizing consideration of the other diversity factors.

  • Optimization
    Sabre is casting a wider net to consider more flight options and strengthen the availability quality to increase the opportunity for finding lower fares.

How did the study work?

The global study looked at 24 countries with 100 of the most frequently travelled and popular origins and destinations per country. In addition, advance purchase/length of stay combinations were shopped. That’s over 19,000 possibilities! The top 100 destinations were selected based on 2012 MIDT* data. And the advance purchase/length of stay combinations represent typical corporate and leisure traveller profiles.

Why does it matter?


Choice is important – the lowest fares, carrier preference, date and time.

The ability to find the lowest fare has traditionally been the most important search criteria. Consumers want to know the lowest fare, although they may not always buy the lowest fare. –Your ability to find the lowest fare builds customer confidence. When your travellers feel they’ve been given the best fare choices, they’re confident in buying from you. And they grow loyal to your brand.

It takes sophisticated, cutting-edge technology to be able to deliver the best airfare options around the world.

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