Global Customer Support

It's a tall order to serve thousands of travel agencies and hotels, hundreds of airlines, and numerous cruise lines, tour operators, car rental firms and other travel suppliers. Adding to the complexity of our task? These industry partners span six continents and come from an extraordinary variety of cultures, languages, and technological backgrounds. Sabre Travel Network® rose to the challenge by consolidating our call centers into a single, sleek, high-tech global facility, staffed by specially-trained, multilingual Sabre® employees.

Located in Montevideo, Uruguay

A nation with the highest literacy rate in the world, our Global Customer Support Centre delivers stronger, more efficient, and more consistent service than ever before.  And the centre has won the awards to prove it. We set a sky-high standard for superior customer service, and our global support centre — along with Agency eServices, Hotel eServices, our Sabre® Community Portal for airline customers and our other resources — takes us there.

The facility provides the unique combination of a world-class technology infrastructure, a multilingual talent pool, low operating costs, and a geographic location in a time zone convenient for a majority of our customers. Our savings are passed on to you as we reinvest in development of our time and cost-saving products and pay financial incentives to Sabre agents.

The difference for you? Accessible, timely, efficient answers, and personal service, as you take advantage of the superior capabilities of the Sabre GDS and the powerful and highly configurable travel solutions we offer.

Committed to minimising the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.