Qualified Vendors Programme Details


Approved vendors receive the following benefits:


With our official "stamp of approval" you will increase your visibility and boost customer confidence in your products.


The Qualified Vendors program means that your product(s) will be highlighted on our website, giving you a broader reach to new sales prospects throughout the world.


We will inform you of new product information and strategic direction. This information may help you update your products to fit the changing needs of the customer and the industry. Our many conferences throughout the year offer you a good avenue for pursuing this knowledge.

Vendor Eligibility

Eligible companies must offer travel-specific products and/or services that complement the Sabre® global distribution system, or Sabre Travel Network® products or tools. You must adhere to the standards of excellence expected by Sabre Travel Network customers and substantiate the following:

In some instances, we may require proof of financial solvency prior to acceptance in the program and/or to remain eligible for the program on an ongoing basis. Vendor's acceptance into this program is at the sole discretion of Sabre Travel Network.


Participation in the program requires that your products consistently prove to be high in quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, there is a fee for industry activities geared toward selling and promoting your products and/or services to Sabre Travel Network agencies and/or sales team. You will receive invitations to our conferences and other sales activities that will help you achieve your sales/promotion goals and help fulfill this requirement. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.


Our Customer Testimonials/Recommendation Forms will be used to evaluate both your entry and your continued participation in the program. New products released by your company will be subject to the same evaluation and quality standards.


At the discretion of Sabre Travel Network, vendor products may be subject to testing in our certification lab. The cost of testing and any applicable training will be the responsibility of the vendor as outlined on Schedule A of the Terms and Conditions. Prior to testing, Schedule A will be presented to vendor for signature and payment.

Application Process

Step 1

Complete the Vendor Application form:

Step 2

A minimum of four Customer Testimonials are required from your customers who use the Sabre system. Each Customer Testimonial form must be submitted by your customer via our online process or faxed directly to the Qualified Vendors group at 817 264 9057. You can print and send the downloadable Customer Testimonial form to customers who wish to submit their information via fax.

Step 3

A Sabre Travel Network representative will then contact you to discuss any further approval requirements. If you have any questions relating to the program or registration process, please email curtis.speak@sabre-holdings.com

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